Musky Cat

Professional Vagrant

  • Agility d6
  • Smarts d4
  • Spirit d8
  • Strength d4
  • Vigor d10

Charisma -4 (Mean,Outsider)
Pace 6
Parry 5
Toughness 7
Grit 1

Arcane Background (Miracles)
Conviction (+2 to Faith rolls)
Animal Companion

Overconfident (Major)
Mean (Minor)
Ugly (Minor)

Faith d8+2
Guts d8
Fighting d4
Notice d4
Riding d4
Shooting d8
Throwing d6

EQUIPMENT (unless noted everything is elCheapo)
Boots, Shirt, Trousers, Poncho
Bedroll, Harmonica, 1 good Mule, 1 shitty Mule, 1 saddle
Gunbelt, Holster, Shotgun Sling
1 good 1860 Colt Army, 1 good over/under shotgun, 2 cases of questionable dynamite
4 bottles of rot-gut whiskey and 10 days rations


Ole Musky Cat was an orphan born in New Orleans. He made his money any way he could be it panhandling, odd jobs, or robbery. After a failed attempt to steal a casino paddleboat he lay dead on the shore of the Mississippi.
A dark and mysterious creature found him and nursed him back to life. Musky laid bed ridden for months being cared for by this creature. Til one day Musky sat up in bed in a cold sweat. Terror gripping him he cried out for his creature but the creature wouldn’t come. Musky hobbled out of bed and fell through the front door of shack that had been the only home he had ever known. There he saw his creature standing upon a brigantine setting sail down the river. He cried out again and this time the large 6’ foot anthropomorphic jackalope turned his horned head and gave him the finger. With a large smile on the creatures face he yelled back, “If you ever need help just call out my name.” Now Musky feeling like a buffoon for never getting it shouted “And that is?”
“Clutch the Murder Bunny!”
Now some folks say that ole Musky just hallucinated all that in a drunken stupor. Some even go as far to imply he never even tried to steal a paddleboat. But ole Musky knows better. Ole Musky got the faith now. He may be the only living member of the church of The Murder Bunny, but he’s working on rounding up more followers.

Musky Cat

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