Lucian "Snek" Slade

Payment is due at the time services are rendered.


Agility d10
Smarts d6
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Climbing d6
Fighting d6
Lockpicking d6
Notice d6
Stealth d8
Guts d6
Shooting d10

Charisma: –; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5


Afraid of Blackwater Fever


Winchester ’72 – $25
Twin Colt Peacemakers(single action) – $30
2 speed loaders – $6
Gun Belt and two holsters – $8
Tomahawk – $3
Knife – $2
Bowie – $4
Fedora – $3
200 rounds of .45 colt – $12
200 rounds of .44 rifle – $16
Mule – $50
Saddle – $25
Lockpicks – $50
Matches and chewing tobacco – $1
Trail Rations(15 days) – $7.50
2 Canteens – $2
Bed Roll – $4
2 files – $.50
20 cigars – $1

0 dollars left to my name.


Lucian Slade was born to a murdering whore in the swamps of southern Georgia. His mother abandoned him at the Opelika Orphan’s Asylum on the outskirts of the Okefenokee Swamp. She left him with single note that had only one word: Lucian. At age 16, Lucian escaped the care of OOA, never to return. Lucian wandered from place to place for the remainder of his teen age years, but eventually made it to the city of New Orleans. He developed his skill set working as a bouncer, then enforcer, then trigger man, and then assassin for the Alsten-Pirrie crime family adopting the name Snek Slade. Few know him by his given name and even fewer get the opportunity to say it a second time. Today, Slade roams the west looking for contracts after outgrowing the creole family that gave him his start.

Remember, he aint your friend and he aint your foe.

Lucian "Snek" Slade

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