Combat Options

Below is a list of the standard Savage Worlds Combat Options.


+2 to Shooting/Throwing if character does not move

Area Effect Attacks

Targets under template suffer damage, treat cover as armor; missed attack rolls cause 1d6" deviation for thrown weapons, 1d10" for launched weapons; x1 for Short, x2 for Medium, x3 for Long

Called Shots

  • Limb: -2 attack(s)
  • Head: -4 attack(s), +4 damage
  • Small target: -4 attack(s)
  • Tiny target: -6 attacks(s)


  • Light: -1
  • Medium: -2
  • Heavy: -4
  • Nearly Total: -6


A character may crawl 2" per turn. This counts as being Prone when being fired upon.


A character may move whil crouching at half Pace. He may run while crouched (halve his total Pace after rolling for running). Ranged attacks against him suffer a -1 Penalty.


  • Dim: -1
  • Dark: -2, targets are not visible beyond 10"
  • Pitch Darkness: Targets must be detected to be attacked at -4


+2 Parry; character may take no other actions


-2 Attack; defender makes Str roll vs. damage or drops weapon

The Drop

Target is taken completely unawares; +4 attack and damage

Finishing Move

Instant kill to helpless foe with lethal weapon

Firing Into Melee

See Innocent Bystanders

Full Defense

Fighting roll at +2 replaces Parry, if higher

Ganging Up

+1 Fighting per additional attacker (adjacent to target); maximum of +4.


  • Initiate Grapple
    • Opposed Fighting roll to grapple. On raise, opponent Shaken.
  • While Grappled
    • Defender makes opposed Strength or Agility to break free
    • Any other actions are made at -4
  • While Grappling
    • Attacker can make opposed Str or Agi to cause damage


A character may choose to wait and see what happens by taking a Hold action. He may then go later in the round if he chooses. A Held action lasts until it’s used. If a character has a Held card when a new round starts, he’s not dealt in.

If a character is Shaken while on Hold, he loses his “Hold” status.

Improvised Weapons

  • Small Weapons
    • -1 Attack and Parry
    • Range 3/6/12, RoF 1
    • Damage Str+d4
    • Min Str d4
  • Medium Weapons
    • -1 Attack and Parry
    • Range 2/4/8, RoF 1
    • Damage Str+d6
    • Min Str d6
  • Large Weapons
    • -1 Attack and Parry
    • Range 1/2/4, RoF 1
    • Damage Str+d8
    • Min Str d8

Innocent Bystanders

Missed Shooting or Throwing roll of 1 (1 or 2 with shotguns or autofire) hits random adjacent target


A character can jump 1" horizontally from a dead stop, or up to 2" with a ‘run and go.’ A successful Strength roll grants one extra inch of distance.

Nonlethal Damage

A character may deal Nonlethal Damage with his fists or a blunt weapon of some sort. Edged weapons may be used if they have a flat side, but this subtracts -1 from the attacker’s Fighting rolls.

Nonlethal damage causes wounds as usual, but if a character is rendered Incapacitated he’s knocked out for 1d6 hours instead.

Nonlethal wounds are otherwise treated exactly as lethal wounds.


If attack hits by the concealment penalty, the obstacle acts as Armor

Off-Hand Attack

-2 to actions with off-hand


A character my fall prone at any time during his action. Getting up costs 2" of movement. A character may Crawl while prone.

Effects: -2 Fighting, -2 Parry. Vs ranged attacks, acts as Medium Cover.


Opposed Strength roll. Effects depend on the kind of action:

  • Bash: Push the target 1" for every success and raise on Opposed Strength roll
  • Shield Bash: As above, but causes Strength damage.
    • +1 for a small shield
    • +2 for a medium shield
    • +3 for a large shield
  • Knock Prone: The defender is knocked prone

Ranged Weapons in Close Combat

Pistols only; Target Number is defender’s Parry

Rapid Attack

Make up to 3 Fighting attacks (with one Wild Die) at -4 to each. -2 Parry.


A character may run an additional 1d6" during his turn if he wishes. Characters suffer a -2 Penalty (the standard multi-action penalty) to all other actions made while running.

Test of Wills

  • Intimidate vs Spirit
  • Taunt vs Smarts
  • On Success: +2 to next Action against Target
  • On Raise: Target is also Shaken

Touch Attack

+2 Fighting


Describe action. Make opposed Agility or Smarts roll; opponent is -2 Parry until next action; with a raise, foe is -2 Parry and Shaken.

Two Weapons

Normal Multi-Action Penalty, but additional -2 for off-hand if not Ambidextrous

Unarmed Defender

Armed attackers gain +2 Fighting vs unarmed targets

Unstable Platform

-2 Shooting from a moving vehicle or animal

Untrained Fighter

You may temporarily gain the benefits of Frenzy or Sweep for the round, ignoring their requirements (including the Rank restrictions for using Frenzy with Two Weapons), but you suffer -2 Parry until the beginning of your next turn.

Wild Attack

+2 Fighting, +2 Damage, -2 Parry until next action

Withdraw From Melee

Adjaced foes get one free Fighting attack at retreating character

Combat Options

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